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   How to advertise cheaply and still get more bang for your buck is the basic theme of this blog.

Its message is directed to entrepreneurs and existing owners of small to medium size businesses who find it "impossible" to attract customers using a meager budget.

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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

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If you're here at this blog of mine because you were led to believe that I can show you ways to promote yourself or your business without having to pay big...

Avoid job hunting disappointments by creating your

own business.

As both an unemployed worker for several years and a self employed business owner seeking customers, I have the same gripes as everyone else. So let's...

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A few words about designing your logo and stationery.

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Don't try to fool the public with your advertising because the joke will be on you.

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Bartering could be a very big step in the right direction.

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A really creative idea often begins with a sense of humor.

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Average testimonials I receive about once a month.

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I can only offer you the advice; Your acceptance is optional.

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Here's something I tried in an effort to stir up business, and it worked.

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Local publications often give you more bang for your small business buck.

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Put more bang into your buckslip.

Most people don't even know what a buckslip is. If you ever received a mailing from a utility, usually an invoice, with an accompanying 3.5" x 8.5" (or...

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If you have a great business with very little money, you should ride along with me.

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Paying $30 a year for business rent sounds like a steal of a deal.

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I honestly don't know what to make of this.

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Why it's important to advertise your website on Craigslist.

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When I lost my last Creative Director position at an agency back in 2008 and couldn't replace my six-figure income no matter how much I tried, I vowed to change the culture that I was so familiar with and began operating under a new set of guidelines that I soon dubbed "my cheap philosophy". Simply stated, it means I'm willing to accept less for what I do in order to generate a steady stream of clients and I stayed true to this new business model no matter how busy I've gotten since then.

And has it worked for me?

My CheapAdAgency has prospered in the time I've spent on the internet, I have a steady income, and everything I do for the small to medium size businesses I serve is meant to be first rate and equal to anything they can get at much higher prices elsewhere. Plus, I have developed my own out-of-the-box strategies for a whole lot of things concerning the internet that also work as well as the status quo, if not better. Some of them are labor intensive I admit, but they're still not expensive, and I'm willing to share this information with you freely while I continue to promote a variety of my own interests.

I'm truly not an egomaniac.

But I do know what it takes to promote. That's why you'll always see my name and photo with everything I do; my site names are in-your-face large to make certain you remember them and my copy is designed to promote, promote, promote. I will show you why all these things are important while I simultaneously tout a number of other obvious things at the tip of your fingers that will go a long way toward serving you in your quest to attain lasting recognition for your business or service.

I've got you covered in so many ways.

I have 3 sites that are my bread and butter; one is my web building business, the other is, my everything-else business that rounds out all the other advertising services you'll need and

the 3rd is, my internet guidance site. Through these three I can help you understand all the ways you can best use the internet, along with the broadcast and print mediums that all work together to get your business recognized. I will also give you access to all the first rate services I provide that you cannot do yourself and charge you a fair and reasonable amount for doing them. If there is anything you feel the need to question, or if you want to contact me for any reason, you'll find all my contact information across the top of every page on this site.

There's one more thought I'd like to convey.

You can rely on me as your go-to source when it comes time to locate things that you might find of interest, or even things that you might want to learn about that will provide immediate and substantive advertising benefits. In fact, when it comes to almost every facet of advertising, I will hunt down and report about products and services that promise to make things better and more convenient for you. And just so we understand one thing, I will get some remuneration from those that offer these products should you make a purchase, but I will never suggest them to you unless I do my due diligence and believe in them first. You have my pledge on that. In fact, if there are some that may slip through the cracks, let me know and away they'll go.

So, if you agree that we are on the same wavelength, please stay awhile and read what I have to say about a variety of subjects all related to helping you successfully promote your interests. Enjoy your visit. Barry  

Just to make certain that we're on the same page.

If you're here at this blog of mine because you were led to believe that I can show you ways to promote yourself or your business without having to pay big bucks to get it done, then you're in the right place.



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