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Men's best successes come after their disappointments. Henry Ward Beecher

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I honestly don't know what to make of this.

From all my years in advertising I understand the motivation of buyers well enough to create successful advertising campaigns that draw them in, but this...

Being an optimist is different than being a dreamer.

Dreamers often hinder their own opportunities for success by creating an illusion based on the premise that everything eventually will get better on its own...

Smart way to use van signage to expand your business potential.

When times are tough, learning about new ways to make a few extra bucks or expand your clientele is always welcome. For you folks out there who are painters, plumbers, electricians and handymen, or any other business person who requires the use of a van or truck, adding signage to your vehicle has far greater potential for opportunities than you might have imagined.

For instance, your vehicle is a rolling advertisement of what you do, and while you’re parked at a job site, it’s like a business card on wheels, or as I like to describe it: your “storefront”.  In a past article, I suggested that you and your colleagues exchange stacks of business cards or flyers to hand your respective customers so when they request a service that you do not perform, you’re able to offer your recommendation of a trusted resource. That personal recommendation could be used as a means of providing you with a referral commission or you could merely use the process as a mutual exchange of leads without compensation.  You could use a stamp on the back that says, referred by: to show your friend who gave the recommendation and to remind your customer where they got it. However you choose to do it, here’s the way your van can be part of the mix.

I got great feedback from tradespeople for this one.

You can leave a blank space in your signage where another person or several other individual tradespeople can fill by supplying magnetic signs of a pre-established size. So for instance, if you’re a plumber, you could set aside an area on your truck for an electrician, and/or a handyman or painter to affix their signs. By the same token, you will have magnetic signs affixed to each of their three vans.  Now, whenever anyone is on a job site, all four businesses are being advertised. This instills more confidence in you by your customer, because now you have a way of referring all the services they might possibly need and you’ll also feel secure that you are being advertised at three other locations while tending to your own job. This reciprocity can provide the exposure everyone needs to get their name out and multiplies each business entity’s chances of acquiring new work.

Keep this in mind.

Whether your primary “front office” is located in your vehicle, or you have a brick and mortar storefront on Main Street, you can use this basic strategy to share resources with trusted colleagues and expand your universe for greater advertising exposure or maximum access to recommendations. Anyway you look at it, there obviously are many ways to turn the status quo into a win-win networking opportunity for all involved.  It's just a matter of thinking out of the box. Barry  

Local hand delivery continues as the remarkable low tech solution to successful advertising results.

Some things just never seem to change. Who would've thought that hand delivery would make a resurgence of sorts in the year 2020, just when most people were avoiding the challenges of the pandemic and shifting their attention to online shopping.

For all you pizza restaurants out there with mouth-watering take out menus, and specialty places from a variety of other ethnic and food categories, this article is for you. If your business is located in a densely populated area and you want to get the word out about what you have to offer, hand delivering your menu or message right to your customer's door might be just what your savvy accountant would recommend you do to boost sales.

Some things just never lose their value.

Yes, hand delivery is part of the current, reasonably-cost preferences for all local businesses who want to reach their neighboring community with timely updates of what they have in store. That includes specials from local pharmacies, local tradespeople, local real estate offices, computer repair, cleaning enterprises, mechanics, car dealers, and eveything else you can think of at the local level.

The list is an endless variety.

Whether it's a take-out flyer, a door hanger, a postcard, a circular, or even a product sample, imagine the impact it creates when the homeowner or apartment tenant opens their door to find it. Hand delivery doesn't just randomly happen, it's a planned and well coordinated effort that's closer to pinpointing the timing of the message than most any other forms of delivery.

I cannot think of any business product or service that wouldn't benefit from a message delivered right to every customer's residence. I do understand that people working remotely and those that are shut in because of quarantines, are able to surf the net looking for take-out specials and great deals. But you know even that becomes a chore when you run out of ideas and sources because in that instance, boredom becomes the great motivator. So consider these scenarios: You're wondering what you might feed the family for dinner this evening when you open your door to find a full color offering from the local Chinese restaurant you've been meaning to try, along with several other equally tantalizing menus from a local pizzeria, a local sandwich shop, and a soup vendor. And in that mix is a message from a local Carpet Cleaning company with a too good to pass up special on 3 rooms of carpet with disinfecting service. Some of the hand delivery companies I'm familiar with will even help plan your delivery campaign with what they have learned from their experience will get results. They'll also professionally design and print your message, supplying you with all area counts to assist in your overall planning.

Time to give it some serious thought.

The next time you're considering an economical reach-out strategy to your local customer base, consider hand delivery. Those companies also provide “sign wavers”, the folks who stand on the side of the road pointing you to an establishment that's offering something extraordinary at the moment. Like I always say, there's something about good old fashioned ways of doing things that continue to bring 'em in. And Citywide, a current client is no exception. Barry