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Its message is directed to entrepreneurs and existing owners of small to medium size businesses who find it "impossible" to attract customers using a meager budget.

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The only person who never makes mistakes is the person who never does anything. Theodore Roosevelt

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I honestly don't know what to make of this.

From all my years in advertising I understand the motivation of buyers well enough to create successful advertising campaigns that draw them in, but this...

Being an optimist is different than being a dreamer.

Dreamers often hinder their own opportunities for success by creating an illusion based on the premise that everything eventually will get better on its own...

When opportunity calls be confident enough to answer.

Like every business owner during the pandemic, Long Islander Jim Frazzitta experienced an economic void the moment a quarantine mandate applied the brakes to his successful luxury car transport business. With one stay at home order, his daily ridership base was relegated to lockdown status. Although he managed to generate some working capital with an incentive plan that offered loyals a 20% discount on future travel purchases, it provided little additional comfort to both parties not knowing when they'd be back together on the road.

But as months passed, the amount of Covid-19 cases increased and so did the restrictions. Shutdown orders for most businesses deemed non-essential were forced to sit it out and wait for an uncertain end time, while their once devoted customers had no other choice but to direct their shopping chores online. It was a bad time for enterprises that relied heavily on the constant flow of daily shopper's dollars and many of them were forced to close forever.

A government stimulus package seemed to be

just what the doctor ordered.

At some point in time, a government stimulus called the Paycheck Protection Program loan seemed to come to the rescue of all mom and pop concerns, just in time to save the day. It was intended to be processed fairly to all who applied through the big banks, but instead the big banks unfairly favored large corporations that generated larger fees, and the mom and pops largely went ignored. Although the media reported this as a travesty, the damage had been done to that point, and many more small businesses went under.

It's about time someone filled the void.

That's when Jim Frazzitta and ingenuity joined forces. He turned to his other company, Northport Financial Services, and decided that this was the perfect time to let the nation know that private sources of fair funding existed that would fill the need for assistance when big banks wouldn't. He created, financed the video I made for him below and created a social media presence. If you're one of those small businesses that could use some monetary assistance, why not watch his video and see if he has anything that might benefit you.


I told you when I started writing this blog way back when, that I sometimes promote my own work. This is one of those times. Although I assure you that it shouldn't diminish the credibility of the subject matter, it is important that you know that this is a client of mine. But because I believe him to be of the highest integrity, and because in these uncertain times he might serve to play an important role for so many, I decided to feature this timely subject matter.