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   How to advertise cheaply and still get more bang for your buck is the basic theme of this blog.

Its message is directed to entrepreneurs and existing owners of small to medium size businesses who find it "impossible" to attract customers using a meager budget.

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Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

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I honestly don't know what to make of this.

From all my years in advertising I understand the motivation of buyers well enough to create successful advertising campaigns that draw them in, but this...

Being an optimist is different than being a dreamer.

Dreamers often hinder their own opportunities for success by creating an illusion based on the premise that everything eventually will get better on its own...

If you have any savings, know that they will rapidly deplete just for you to "stay alive". The interviewers look down on you (or so you feel) and you're always completely exhausted from filling out applications at disappointing job fairs and other venues. Everyone you come in contact with seems either overly condescending or downright dismissive and all your application emails seem to go nowhere. In fact, everything you seem to do goes nowhere. Sound familiar?

But the misery doesn't end there.

Enter the scammers. They're the ones who "really" want to help you. They have "government money" to dispense and irresistible business ideas you can take advantage of "right now" that will only cost you a couple of bucks. Hey, didn't you just mention to them that you had no income?

Enough whining, Time to get a life.

As good as it feels to gripe once in a while, it feels better when you're onto something that might just wipe out all your problems. You've got certain skills and you're pretty darn intelligent. Right? So why not pair those two and just figure out what you personally could offer the public that they'd be willing to pay for. You're looking for a job doing something, why not do that something and eliminate the middle man?

Get the feeling that we're moving toward a solution?

Since I know me better than I know anything about you, let me use myself as an example. I have a lifetime of experience in print, broadcast, and direct mail advertising. I made myself pretty savvy on the internet. I've been a Creative Director forever and I know how to write. So if an agency out there can't afford to hire me to do what I do and deal with clients, why don't I do what I do and deal with clients directly... eliminating the middleman.

Now my creative juices are flowing.

So here's what I worked out. I'll offer prices no one can refuse. When you go for a long time without any money coming in, just a small amount takes on new importance. That means that the first thing you have to adjust to is not getting what you always thought you were worth. You're currently experiencing a rebirth. Embrace it. I gave it a name and called it my "cheap philosophy". If my normal rate for "x" was $100, I sold it for $30. Who could pass up a deal like that? I even named my new venture Cheap Ad Agency and that gave the business a name, a philosophy, and a real purpose.

Moving forward sure beats feeling useless.

If this article even gave you a scintilla of inspiration it has done its job. Run everything by friends and family members, Not only the ones who think you can walk on water, but the naysayers who find the worst in everything. They give you the information that allows you to iron out any kinks in your planning. If they can't manage to dissuade you, then you are certainly onto something and headed in the right direction. Some things take longer than others to become successful. In my case it's been over eleven years and I'm still going strong. I was told that the word "cheap" denoted shoddy, but now there's Cheapo Air and other cheap references that says that they were wrong. If you ever want to run an idea by me I'd be willing to help you work out the details, so don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call. Even in my various businesses I never charge for consultation. Enjoy your day. Barry.

Avoid job hunting disappointments by creating your own business.

As both an unemployed worker for several years and a self employed business owner seeking customers, I have the same gripes as everyone else. So let's begin by blowing off steam so we can quickly get down to solving this problem.

"I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh".


Here's something I tried

in an effort to stir up business,

and it worked.

Business sometimes slows down because clients and potential clients are caught up in everything surrounding a major holiday, or it's generally vacation time for most, or family matters like back to school doings take precedence. But when you're in the service business like I am, you have to figure out ways to get people back on track with you, and this is one that always seems to work.

There's nothing more unnerving to a service business than the feeling that everyone has forgotten that you exist. It's one of those recurring feelings that can haunt a service provider and bring down their overall high confidence level. It really doesn't matter that you've been a successful business for a very long time, and it doesn't even matter that it seems to happen at the same time every year. The fact that it happens at all is disheartening to say the least.

But business is business and you have to rise to the occasion by coming up with a plan of action that gets people to think seriously about giving you a call sooner than sometime. For me it was creating a price ceiling on some of the most sought after graphic things I provide and publishing a list of them with a discounted call to action. So not only did I accomplish what I set out to do, but now I have this list to refer to whenever someone asks for these popular services.

So here's the printed list for you to look at and call me on if something interests you. This should also be a lesson for you on how to think out of the box if you ever get yourself into a difficult situation like this one. Barry