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   How to advertise cheaply and still get more bang for your buck is the basic theme of this blog.

Its message is directed to entrepreneurs and existing owners of small to medium size businesses who find it "impossible" to attract customers using a meager budget.

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle

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I honestly don't know what to make of this.

From all my years in advertising I understand the motivation of buyers well enough to create successful advertising campaigns that draw them in, but this...

Being an optimist is different than being a dreamer.

Dreamers often hinder their own opportunities for success by creating an illusion based on the premise that everything eventually will get better on its own...

Average testimonials I receive about once a month.

Sometimes affirmation for a job well done through positive testimonials make business owners feel good about all they do. In my case, any negative feedback I receive works in much the same way.

This is my way of showing off.

The reason I tell you this is that these are the people who tell it like it is. These are my guides to the true results of my toil. Because my goal is to advertise everywhere that's meaningful, reaching the most people with my message and creating the most "impressions". Who better to report on my success than the folks that have nothing else to do but sit in front of their computers and report how diligent I have been in accomplishing just that. And don't forget, my Due Diligence concept at is primarily about creating rankings, and that comes from perseverance in creating the information for the bots to read and index over and over. Barry

Banners are an important element in your powerful advertising arsenal.

As businesses continue to suffer from one compromising social event or another, such as a global pandemic, it becomes quite evident that reliance on the latest technology sometimes has to take a back seat to good, old fashioned methods that have been in service for a long, long time. Such is the reasonably priced banner.

At present, marketing is dominated  by digital technology. Social media sites, email campaigns, and targeted ad structures are what we normally plan our efforts around, but getting an assist from one of the old standbys like a banner continues to remain high on any professional's list.

Thought you knew banners?

Wait 'til you see them now.

The dictionary definition of a banner doesn't do it justice when describing it as a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design hung in a public place or carried in a procession or a standard on a pole. Today, the banner has become more sophisticated and progressed into something much more. Not only is it available in so many different and nifty ways, it's also one of the most cost-friendly advertising devices from the prospective of any size business budget.

When businesses plan events, such as outdoors at a large, live gathering, the banner takes prominence. This is where they deliver colorful, printed messages to large crowds, sometimes from considerable distances. They're portable billboards that go everywhere you want to set up shop, and install anywhere on a temporary or permanent basis. We often see them across blank areas of a building displaying a name and logo of a business that is awaiting a permanent sign or covering up the old company name of a business that just changed ownership. We sometimes go to industry shows and see tabletop and standing retractable banners that can be set up and taken down as a company moves from one scheduled venue to another. There are pole banners, step and repeat banners on stands to provide backgrounds to webcam events and shows, and an exciting variety of banners you can learn about by visiting any banner seller/printer.

Shopping for your banner can be fun and educational.

I couldn't possibly cover all the banner options there are, but you can always learn more details when you shop your banner seller/printer. However, I can give you some basic knowledge going in. They come in several versions; those that can withstand high winds and inclement weather outdoors and those primarily meant for indoor functions.  They all are available with grommets and pole pockets which serve to contain the banners, often in stands made for that purpose. The most common sizes and weights are based on the average needs of customers that have ordered banners on a regular basis, but reliable banner makers/printers offer custom considerations should you need them. They're available in Vinyl and Fabric and printed on a wide format printer, digitally or screened, but since their specs can change from printer to printer, find out how it is done and the advantages their type of printing offers.

The list banner applications are endless.

If you operate a food truck and have to set up a display, if you have to make yourself visible in congested, high traffic areas, if you want to point customers to your store, if you want to stand out in a trade show, if you have to set up fast at a flea market, if you're having a church fair, or desire to dominate any event, indoors or out, there's a banner perfectly made for your needs. If printed with a well thought out design, this popular, proven form of advertising is just what the bottom line deserves. Barry

Two customer Banners from my sample collection.

Every business owner loves to print testimonials from satisfied customers, but the "testimonials" I receive are in keeping will all my other out of the box goings on around here and might be better categorized as complaints. But to my way of looking at things, they offer a gauge of how I'm doing on any given project. Case in point is from a somewhat regular "fan" who writes me how he or she feels about my constant presence on Craigslist. "Glad to see you're hogging the entire internet, you (2-word expletive). I wouldn't use you if you (3-word profanity)". Now if that in itself weren't enough to tell me how I'm doing, I get it from another "admirer" who has this to say: "I would use you, you (expletive), but because you are (expletive) everywhere you'll never get my business, you pig!!!"